Updates and Bug Fixes Mar 26 2017

  • File importing during Check-in, Check-out and Transfer can now update existing products while ignoring non-existing products in the file.
  • The Quantity of a product can now be changed with the multi-edit function when a location is selected in the Products page.
  • Can now select all products in inventory instead of just the products listed on a single page during product delete and multi-editing.

Updates and Bug Fixes Mar 5 2017

  • When printing barcode labels from the Product Editor, the product description is no longer encrypted and will appear as plain text.
  • The delete button in the Products page no longer stays hidden when all products are selected.
  • There was a problem with the Products page display when the quantity column was hidden.
  • There was a problem with dragging and sorting columns in the Products page in some browsers.
  • During Check In, Check Out, and Transfer, products can now be filtered by values in their custom fields.